Personally Recommended Books Forced to Shred Documents

Personally Recommended Books has recently come under fire by many local businesses because they accidentally were selling company documents to their customers. Personally Recommended Books has apologized to these companies, and their customers, and has vowed to shred these documents as soon as a paper shredding company could be hired to fulfill such a large order. Somehow old training books and resources were donated to the book store and sold with out the companies knowledge. This is a huge breach in company policy, and Personally Recommended Books is lucky that the companies are not pressing any damages.

In order for all these documents to shredded, it will take Paper Shredding Pros, the company hired by Personally Recommended Books, a few days to get enough shredding trucks to the location in order to do the job. It is such a big job, that they will need six shredding trucks to work around the clock for eighteen hours in order to complete the job. The cost will be staggering as destroying and dumping private documents, and to make sure they can never be read again is not as easy as just shredding the papers and moving on.

Personally Recommended Books again would like to apologize for this regrettable mistake and would like to thank all the companies involved for understanding they did no intend for this to happen. They would also like to thank Paper Shredding Pros for helping them take care of this huge problem.